QA22 Dual Ear Headworn Microphone

The QA22 was developed for users who enjoy the extra stability and comfort that a dual ear microphone system offers, and delivers superior audio quality and high end performance from the same European designed 2.5mm capsule used in our DA12 and DA04 microphones. The QA22 features total flexibility in headband and boom arm adjustment for accommodating a wide variety of head sizes and jaw lines. Pivoting ear cushions allow for easy mic boom arm placement on either side of the face. Perfect for applications requiring minimum visual discretion and freedom of movement such as theatre performers, singers, sportscasters, on-air or video talent, church pastors, aerobics instructers, presenters, boardroom use, and more. The ear cushions can be positioned for flat storage in its zip pouch.

Products Available*

QA22 BE  Dual Ear Headworn Microphone, -45 dB Omni, Beige

QA22 BL  Dual Ear Headworn Microphone, -45 dB Omni, Black

*each product includes
1 x QA22 -45 dB (Omni) Headworn Microphone
1 x Detachable Cable – Compact to Compact
2 x Foam Windscreens
1 x Tie Clip
1 x Leatherette Zip Pouch

Note: At time of purchase, customers select a high quality adapter from our range available for wireless beltpacks, including Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, AT, EV, Lectrosonics, MiPro, Revolabs, Sony, and more.  XLR phantom powered connectors are also available (Note all adapters are priced separately).

Specifications QA22

  • Element: Back Electret Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20Khz
  • Sensitivity: -45±3dB
  • Output Impedance: 2Kohms ±30%
  • SPL Max: 140dB
  • Equivalent Noise Level (A-Weighted): 32dB
  • Dynamic Range: 123.5dB – 31dB = 92.5dB
  • Optimum Output Level: 123.5dB SPL @ 3%THD
  • Operating Voltage: 0.9V (optimal) – 5V (Maximum)
  • Cable: 1.4mm*1.8m
  • Weight: 10g (headset excluding cable and connector)
  • Mic Dimension: 3.5mm
    Note: Specification and design subject to change without notice

QA22 Specific Replacement Parts

  • QA22-BA Boom Arm with Microphone only, beige (for QA22 BE)
  • QA22-HB Headband only, beige (for QA22 BE)
  • QA22-EC Ear cushions x 2, beige (for QA22 BE)
  • QA22-BA2 Boom Arm with Microphone only, black (for QA22 BL)
  • QA22-HB2 Headband only, black (for QA22 BL)
  • QA22-EC2 Ear cushions x 2, black (for QA22 BL)

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