About Us

Que Audio was launched in Sydney in 2005, and is a division the SYNCROTECH GROUP, an Australian owned group of professional audio companies which has been operating in the Australian audio industry for over 30 years.

Our aim is to produce discrete microphones with clear full frequency audio, and the resources of many of Australia’s leading location sound engineers are called upon for in-field advice during our design phase. We have been rewarded with testimonials from many qualified and respected users.

Que kit solutions are rugged enough for use in the war torn Middle East for front line news reporting. They are also lightweight and compact for location sound mixers and documentary makers to carry in the roughest and hardest to reach environments. Leading international newspaper journalists find our kits extremely reliable for action news grabs……no second chance for that moment lost! Reality TV production companies are using our microphones for set or environment micing because of their discrete size. DSLR users are incorporating the mics into their rigs because they are small, unobtrusive and lightweight. Post production engineers love using our mics for their great dynamic range in dialog replacement/voice-overs.

Our Performance Series mics are used by production companies for many of the largest international television franchises and are perfect for applications requiring maximum visual discretion and freedom of movement such as theatre performers, singers, sportscasters, on-air or video talent, church pastors, aerobics instructors, presenters, boardroom use, and more.

We are all about small discrete mics with big full sound!!!