About Us

Que Audio is owned by the Syncrotech Group, an Australian owned group of professional audio companies which has been operating in the Australian audio industry for over 30 years.

The designers at Que Audio have long known that there was a significant short fall in the provision of microphone solutions for audio engineers in the film, broadcast and location sound industries. To this aim, miniaturizing the working components these engineers use on a day-to-day basis and condensing them into smaller fully functioning working products created complete microphone solutions.

To make such a small microphone to be so accurate with such a high quality performance was a complex engineering feat and one that has now been rewarded with testimonials from many qualified and respected users.

  • Leading radio news channels have equipped their entire field journalists reporting team with our kits for outside broadcast of news events. (High Audio Quality)
  • Friendly forces in the war torn Middle East are using the kits on the front-line. (Rugged)
  • Location Sound Mixers and Documentary Makers are using the kits in some of the roughest and hardest to reach environments. (Lightweight and Compact)
  • Leading international newspaper journalists are using the kits for action news grabs – no second chance for that moment lost. (Reliable)
  • Reality TV production companies are using the kits for set or environment micing. (Small – Discreet)
  • HDSLR users are incorporating the mics into their rigs. (Small – Unobtrusive – Lightweight – Very High Quality Audio)
  • Post Production engineers are using the kits as dialog replacement microphones. (Great Dynamic Range for Theatrical Voice overs)

HD Cam users have taken a shine to the 210 Video Microphone Kit as this provides a full 22m diameter barrel shotgun microphone with all the performance characteristics of longer current existing models, that due to the small size of the HD cameras now fall into shot. The location kits also provide the sound engineer with all of the possible permutations that he or she could find themselves requiring whilst on location shoots miles from a microphone cabinet of other solutions.

Designing a microphone system that was both small and rugged with as many flexible options was quite a task. The resources of many of Australia’s leading location sound engineers were called upon for in field advice.

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