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Q – Cables

Q Cable options are available to supplement the mics that use the Q Compact Connection System (QCCS).

The Q Mini Shotgun, Q The Talent, and Q Performance Series Microphones utilize QCCS allowing for a wide range of adapter and cable options.
QCCS delivers rock solid twist-on connection to all of the popular wireless transmitters, as well as for phantom powered balanced low-impedance XLR audio output. The QCCS cables and adapters are sold separately unless noted accordingly.

The Q Cables:

Model No. – Description
QCBL2 – 2 meter Q Compact Thread (male) to Q Compact Thread (male), black. Included in Q Sniper Kit and Q Production Kit
QCBL6 – Curly cable, 30cm compact (male) to compact (male), black. Included in Q DSLR-Video Kit
DACA A1E – Cable Compact to Compact 1800mm Beige. Included with Q DA-12 and DA-15.


These Q Cables use The Q Compact Connection System (QCCS) for easy twist-on connection to all the popular wireless transmitters, and 48V balanced low-impedance XLR.

The benefits of the QCCS include the ability to use different twist-on cables and adapter options for different applications as well as the obvious benefits that come with easy replacement, effectively prolonging the life of your microphone investment.

Specifications – Q Compact Connections System – Adapters

The QCCS – Cables

2 meter – Q Compact Thread (male) to Q Compact Thread (male), black. Included in Sniper Kit and Production Kit

30cm Curly Cable – Q Compact Thread (male) to Q Compact Thread (male), black. Included in DSLR-Video Kit

1800mm – Q Compact Thread (male) to Q Compact Thread (male), beige. Included in Q The Talent, DA-12, and DA-15.

QAD3 – Q compact thread (female) to 90 degree (male) XLR adapter – 48V phantom powered, balanced / low-impedance XLR audio output for the Q Mini Shotgun microphone, Q The Talent headworn microphone, DA-04 Lavalier microphone, DA-12 headworn microphone, and DA-15 headworn microphone with in-ear monitor piece! Connect to digital recorders, standard or camera-mount audio mixers, and pro video camcorders. (Sound device must have 48V phantom power enabled.) The QAD3 also delivers increased gain/sensitivity from the Q Mini Shotgun Microphone. (Batteries must remain in the Q Mini Shotgun microphone.)

Q- Cables
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