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February 1st, 2011

Gladesville, NSW AUSTRALIA – Syncrotech Systems Design, a leading designer and manufacturer of products and services for the broadcast, video, and pro audio markets, today announced the appointment of Mark Ludmer, as CEO, Que Audio USA.

Mr. Ludmer has been engaged to increase Que Audio’s presence while expanding distribution throughout the USA, ensuring that the company’s growth aligns with the corporate mission to deliver innovative product solutions for the pertinent audio market segments.

“Drawing from the engineering and marketing expertise of the Syncrotech Group, Que Audio is perfectly positioned to provide innovative audio solutions for the exploding HD and DSLR markets as well as for the broadcast, video, musical instrument, pro audio, and theatre markets,” states Mr. Ludmer. “Our impressive track record and proven strategic thinking will be a critical factor in helping us increase brand awareness, drive sales, and create new markets as we distribute our solution oriented kit products throughout the USA.”

Previously holding the position of Director/CEO at Rode Microphones, LLC, Mr. Ludmer was instrumental in setting up and running Rode’s dedicated US office while increasing sales and marketing efforts for the last 10 years. Bringing 25 years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of distribution channels for multiple retailers, Mr. Ludmer began as one of the earliest employees at Alesis Corp. serving through their major expansion as a pioneer in the MI music market. He is also known for extensively using the products he distributes, as a studio owner and recording engineer, sound designer, mixer, song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, videographer, editor, and home film maker.

“I’m extremely excited about the opportunities that HD and DSLR products have given professional and home film makers alike. It reminds of the home recording studio explosion of the mid 90’s… the quality and affordability now available for shooting and editing 1080p video and then publishing that work online is truly remarkable. The audio of course is always a very important part of that picture,” said Mr. Ludmer.

Mr. Ludmer’s appointment follows Que Audio’s recent debut of six new kit solution product offerings. “All Que Audio products are designed in Australia and then arduously tested by top professionals in the field until perfected for release,” says David Green, Que Audio’s Head of Global Sales and Marketing. “Que products are like nothing else available on the market in that the kits contain everything needed for a specific application. We went to great lengths to ensure that these products were designed to provide the highest level of performance and flexibility, while proving to outperform the competition for each intended application”. Mr. Green is also an ex Rode employee (formerly
General Manager of Rode Headquarters in Australia).

About Syncrotech, a group of wholly owned Australian companies – Managing Director and CEO Paul Heaton.
SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS DESIGN PTY LTD was formed in 1982 as a consultancy and marketing company for suppliers within the post-production and broadcast industries. The Company later became a supplier of equipment to those industries, and has operated successfully as a supplier of high-end technology equipment for the broadcast, film, recording and telecommunications industries for over 20 years. The Company is now channeling the extensive engineering expertise to the Que Audio brand.
Our success is related to the high standard of personnel in the areas of engineering, marketing, operations and business management, which projects true professionalism to our client base. The company has now diversified as a designer and global manufacturer of high quality microphone solutions for the Que Audio product range.

SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD was formed in August 2005, to cater for large projects specifically in the area of digital capture and archiving management for the broadcast industry, and for new project opportunities in the security and medical industries.
Our first major contract with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio) for the digitization of the entire national radio network (including capture, editing, broadcast, and archiving) was won in January 2006. Other major clients include SBS Radio Network and Australian Film Commission.

SYNCROTECH PTY LTD is the ultimate holding company for Syncrotech Systems Pty Ltd, Syncrotech Systems Design Pty Ltd and related businesses after a planned restructure of our company operations in August 2005.
For more information contact: Syncrotech Systems Design – info@ssd.com.au


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