Sniper PRO Microphone Kit includes

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Sniper PRO Microphone Kit

Q Mini Shotgun PRO, QSM-PRO Shockmount, QM1 Run and Gun Cold Shoe Mount on a Canon 5d MKII

Q Mini Shotgun PRO on the Q Mini Boom Pole

Q Mini Boom Pole / Q Mini Shotgun PRO for Location Sound

Built around the Q Mini Shotgun PRO Microphone, the Sniper PRO Microphone Kit includes all the accessories needed for lightweight on-camera mini shotgun style audio capture for DSLR cameras and HD video camcorders, AND location sound booming.


The Q Sniper PRO Microphone Kit includes:

  • QMSG-PRO: Mini Shotgun PRO Microphone
  • QWJ5 Windscreen
  • QSM-PRO: Heavy Duty Shockmount for Q Mini Shotgun PRO Microphone
  • QM1: Run And Gun Cold Shoe Adapter
  • QSM4: Rubber Shock Absorber (used between QSM-PRO and QM1)
  • QCBL6: 30cm Curly Cable – Q Compact Thread (m) to Q Compact Thread (m), black
  • QWJ2: The original WOMBAT Fluffy Wind Muff for Mini Shotgun PRO Microphone
  • DAAD TRL: 3.5mm Adapter
  • QBA-PRO Rubber Bands for QSM-PRO (pack of 10)
  • QBA2 AG4 1.5V Batteries (pair)
  • QMB1: Mini Boom Pole
  • QB1: Base for Mini Boom Pole (can be used as a base on the boom pole, a counterweight, or as a stand alone desktop base
  • QCBL2: 2 meter Q Compact Thread (male) to Q Compact Thread (male) black
  • QAD3: Phantom Powered XLR adapter with built-in balancing circuit
  • Sniper PRO Leatherette Carry Case



More Audio Video Samples of the Mini Shotgun PRO on the VIDEO TAB below…



We started with all the pieces from our Q DSLR-Video PRO kit, and then added the Q Mini Boom Pole and Boom Pole Base unit which attaches directly to the Mini Boom Pole or Mini Shockmount via standard tripod 1/4″ 20 threading for boom counterbalancing, mic stand, or desktop stand uses. We also added the QAD3 phantom powered XLR adapter with built-in line balancing circuit, and a longer 2 meter compact threaded cable.

The Q Mini Boom Pole is made out of telescoping stainless steel outfitted with a ribbed rubber comfort grip allowing for extremely lightweight and travel friendly location sound booming. Fully collapsed it measures just less than 13.5″ (>34 cm) and fully extended length is just under 57.5″ (4′ 9.5″ or >1.5 meters) without any attachments.

Use the Q Sniper PRO Microphone Kit anywhere a high quality, compact, and lightweight mini shotgun microphone is needed. (On/off camera run-and-gun, boom pole / location sound, desktop stand, ENG/Journalism, studio production.)

The Q Compact Connection System (QCCS)
You’re always ready for wireless with optional QCCS adapters for all of the popular third party wireless transmitters including Shure, Sennheiser, AT, AKG, Lectrosonics, EV, Samson, and more.


*Superlative audio quality

*Low profile mini shotgun microphone

*Compact and lightweight, yet extremely durable

*Hypercardioid polar pattern for excellent on/off axis rejection

*High SPL capabilities

*Detachable 30cm Curly Cable and 2 meter Straight Cable included

*Extremely light weight and compact, travel friendly location sound booming, the Q Mini Boom Pole gets the Mini Shotgun PRO exactly where you need it

*Q Base unit for mic stand and desktop applications

*Que Compact Connection System (QCCS) for solid twist on connection convenience and expandability

*Optional adapters allowing 3rd party wireless, and other connection options


Q Mini Shotgun PRO

Capsule principle – Back electret

Frequency response – 50hz – 16khz

Polar Pattern: Line and gradient – Hypercardioid

Sensitivity: -46dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)(-at switch 0)

Sound pressure level (130 dB @1 kHz 1% T.H.D.)

Capsule impedance – 250Ω ± 30% (at 1KHz)

Power requirement – 3V battery/3V external DC

Battery type – 2 x AG4 1.5V button cell batteries

Battery life – approximately 200 hours continuous at 0dB (depends on the condition of the battery and climate temperatures)

Size – Length:193mm, Diameter:13.2mm

Weight – 48g

*Specification and designs subject to change without notice





QAD2 – 3.5mm (female) to XLR (male) straight passive adapter black. Use with the DAAD TRL 3.5mm connector that ships with the DSLR-Video PRO Microphone Kit, for non phantom powered connection to audio devices/recorders. Can be connected to any other 3rd party 3.5mm audio plugs.



QBA2 – Stock up with a 10-pack of 1.5V AG4 batteries. The Q Mini Shotgun operates using two of these batteries for a minimum of 200 hours of continuous use.


DSLR-Video PRO & Sniper PRO
DSLR-Video PRO & Sniper PRO
DSLR-Video PRO & Sniper PRO
HD video

Audio Samples Videos of the Q Mini Shotgun Pro

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