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DSLR-Video Kit

Q Mini Shotgun on GH2 w/QM1 Run and Gun Cold Shoe Adapter

On-camera Mini Shotgun w/QM2 High Quality Cold Shoe and QSM4 Shock Absorber

Built around Q’s Mini Shotgun Microphone, the Q DSLR-Video Kit includes all the accessories needed for lightweight on-camera mini shotgun style audio capture for DSLR cameras and HD video camcorders.

The Q DSLR-Video Kit includes:

  • QMSG1: Mini Shotgun Microphone w/windscreen and carry case
  • QSM1: Shockmount for Mini Shotgun Microphone
  • QM1: Run And Gun Cold Shoe Adapter
  • QM2: High Quality Cold Shoe Adapter w/adjustable gimbal
  • QSM4: Rubber Shock Absorber (can be used between mini shock mount and cold shoe)
  • QCBL6: 30cm Curly Cable – Q Compact Thread (m) to Q Compact Thread (m), black
  • QWJ1: The original WOMBAT Fluffy Wind Muff for Mini Shotgun Microphone
  • DAAD TRL: Q Compact Thread (f) to TRS 3.5mm (m)
  • QBA2 AG4 1.5V Batteries (pair)


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The Q DSLR-Video Kit was designed specifically for using with HD camcorders and DSLR cameras anywhere a high quality, compact, and lightweight on-board run-and-gun shotgun microphone is needed. Although the microphone is extremely small and unobtrusive, the rejection properties are comparable to standard wide body shotgun microphones. The microphone is self-powered using two (2) AG4 1.5V batteries (included) but can also be phantom powered (balanced/low-impedance) using the optional QAD3 XLR adapter (batteries remain in mic for parallel operation).


*Superlative audio quality

*Pencil profile mini shotgun microphone

*Compact and lightweight, yet extremely durable

*Hypercardioid polar pattern for excellent on/off axis rejection

*High SPL capabilities

*Detachable 30cm Curly Cable

*Que Compact Connection System (QCCS) for solid twist on connection convenience and expandability

*Optional adapters allowing +48V, wireless, and other connection options

Specifications – Q Mini Shotgun Microphone (MSG1)

Capsule principle – Back electret

Frequency response – 30hz > 18Khz

Polar pattern – line and gradient – Hypercardioid

Sensitivity -36dB @ 1v @1 Pa

Sound pressure level 124 dB @1 KHz

Capsule impedance – 600 ohms

Power requirement – 3v internal

Battery type – 2 x AG4  1.5V button cell batteries

Battery life – approximately 100 hours of continuous use

Size – Length  125mm         Diameter 10mm

*Specification and designs subject to alteration without notice



QAD3 – Q compact thread (female) to 90 degree (male) XLR adapter – 48V phantom powered, balanced, low-impedance connection of the Q Mini Shotgun microphone to digital recorders, standard or camera-mount audio mixers, and pro video camcorders. (Sound device must have 48V phantom power enabled.) The QAD3 also delivers increased gain/sensitivity from the Q Mini Shotgun Microphone. (Batteries must remain in the Q Mini Shotgun microphone.)



QCBL2 – Q 2 meter compact thread (male) to compact thread (male) straight black cable – Longer 2 meter cable attaches to the Q Mini Shotgun and any of the Q compact connection system adapters including the QAD3, DAAD TRL 3.5mm connector that ships with the DSLR-Video Kit, or any of our wireless connectors for all of the popular wireless transmitters. Perfect for use with the Q Mini Boom Pole when connecting directly to a digital recorder, an on/off camera mixer, a pro video camcorder, or wireless transmitter. The QCBL2 also ships in the SNIPER KIT (1) and PRODUCTION KIT (3)



QAD2 – 3.5mm (female) to XLR (male) straight passive adapter black. Use with the DAAD TRL 3.5mm connector that ships with the DSLR-Video Kit, for non phantom powered connection to audio devices/recorders. The QAD2 also ships in the SNIPER KIT (1) and PRODUCTION KIT (3). Can be connected to any other 3rd party 3.5cm audio plugs separately.



QBA2 – Stock up with a 10-pack of 1.5V AG4 batteries. The Q Mini Shotgun operates using two of these batteries for a minimum of 100 hours of continuous use.


Q DSLR-Video Kit & Q Sniper Kit
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DSLR-Video Kit
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