Q Mini Boom PoleEnlarge
 Q Mini Boom Pole (QMB1) (click pic)

QMB1 w/Mini Shotgun PRO in use

QMB1 w/Mini Shotgun PRO and h4n

QMB1 extended w/MSG-PRO and h4n

QMB1 on Q Base unit (QB1)

Q Mini Shotgun (QMSG1) on the QMB1

QMB1 – Mini Boom Pole

The Q Mini Boom Pole (QMB1) is made out of telescoping stainless steel outfitted with a ribbed rubber comfort grip allowing for extremely lightweight and travel friendly location booming. Fully collapsed it measures just less than 13.5″ (>34 cm) and fully extended length is just under 57.5″ (4′ 9.5″ or >1.5 meters) without any attachments. (Boom Pole Base, Mini Shockmount, Shock Absorber, and Mini Shotgun Mic add up to 7.5″ or 19cm.) The QMB1 has a standard male 1/4″ 20 thread mounting on top, and a female 1/4″ 20 thread mounting on the bottom. Two Mini Boom Poles can be attached.
Weighing in at a mere 5.7 ounces, the QMB1 combined with a Q Mini Shotgun PRO Microphone, Q Mini Shotgun Microphone, or Q 210 Shotgun Microphone sets a new standard in small footprint and lightweight location sound booming.




Mounting an optional QAD4 Q T-Bar makes attaching a digital recorder a snap for self contained remote audio and audio/video recording applications. (click pics at left)









Mounting an optional QB1 base unit (also included in the Q Sniper PRO Microphone Kit, Q Sniper Microphone Kit, and Q Production Kit) effectively turns the boom pole into a travel friendly desktop stand or mic stand. (click pic at left)

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