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The Q 210 Video Shotgun Microphone Kit   On-camera 210 Shotgun audio capture

Full Size Pro Performance in a compact travel-friendly package…

The Q 210 Video Shotgun Microphone Kit was designed for camera-mounting to the new style of professional compact video cameras where a shorter compact shotgun mic is needed to stay out of the shot. The Q 210 is the shortest pro full size Q shotgun microphone with supercardioid rejection features on the market.


    • QLM4: 210mm Shotgun Microphone w/windscreen and carry case
    • QSM3: Shock Mount
    • QM1: Run And Gun Cold Shoe Adapter
    • QM2: High Quality Cold Shoe adapter w/adjustable gimbal
    • QCBL4: 30cm Curly Cable – straight XLR female to 90 degree XLR male
    • QWJ2: The original WOMBAT Fluffy Wind Muff for 210 microphone
    • QAD1: 1/4″ to 3/8″ thread converter




The 210mm Shotgun Mic is compact and durable, yet extremely lightweight in true Q tradition. Engineered to optimize the side and rear rejection while ensuring a full frequency response from the target, the Q 210 can also be mounted to the Q Mini Boom Pole (sold separately) for lightweight run and gun booming applications. The included QSM3 Shock Mount is equipped with a standard tripod 1/4″ 20 thread female adapter which allows attachment to the also included QM2 High Quality Cold Shoe Mount w/adjustable gimbal, QM1 Run And Gun Cold Shoe (also included), or any other standard tripod mount (like the Q Mini Boom Pole, or Q Mini Base) allowing boom pole, mic stand, or desktop stand application options. This standard tripod adapter can also be removed (unscrewed) revealing a 3/8″ or 5/8″ combined connector for additional mounting options.


*Exceptional audio quality

*48v phantom powered

*High Sound Pressure Level


*210 mm compact profile and 22mm wide body

*Supercardioid polar pattern for outstanding on/off axis rejection

*Full 20 Hz to 20 KHz uncompromised frequency response

*30cm Curly Cable – straight XLR female to 90 degree XLR male

Specifications – 210 Shotgun Microphone

Capsule: Super cardioid back elecrtret

Polar pattern: Line and Gradient

Frequency response: 20Hz – 20Khz

Sensitivity: -36dB re 1V at 1 Pa

Output impedance 50 Ohms

Typical Dynamic range: 112dB 1 Khz @ MAX SPL

Signal to Noise Ratio: 76dB, 1Khz at 1 Pa

Sound Pressure input Level: -139dB SPL 1 Khz @ 1% THD

Power requirements: P 48V below 5 mA

Physical dimensions: 210mm by 22mm

*Specification and design subject to alteration without notice

Q 210 Frequency Response Chart

Q 210 Polar Pattern Chart


The 210 Shotgun on the Q Mini Boom Pole – The Q 210 Shotgun mounted in the QSM3 Shock Mount can be screwed onto the Q Mini Boom Pole for lightweight run-and-gun or any sound location booming application.


Q Mini Boom Pole (QMBP) – The optional Q Mini Boom Pole is made out of telescoping stainless steel outfitted with a ribbed rubber comfort grip allowing for extremely lightweight and travel friendly location booming. Fully collapsed it measures just less than 13.5″ (>34 cm) and fully extended length is just under 57.5″ (4′ 9.5″ or >1.5 meters) without any attachments. (Boom Pole Base, Shock Mount, and 210 Shotgun Mic add up to 7.5″ or 19cm.) READ MORE on the Q Mini Boom Pole


Two Mini Boom Poles can be screwed together effectively doubling the length. The QMBP utilizes 1/4″ 20 thread standard tripod attachment fittings (top male, bottom female).


Q Base for Mini Boom Pole (QB1) – Attaching the optional QMBP to the optional QB1 weighted base unit allows for mic stand style operation, or counterbalancing during booming.


Q Base for Mini Boom Pole (QB1) 



The mic and shock mount can also be attached directly to the QB1 base unit (1/4″ 20 thread standard tripod screw mounting).


Q 210 Video Shotgun Microphone Kit
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